The topics of "Tank A could beat up tank B" are frequently found on the Internet, inside history circles, and out. This page contains a collection of articles on this precise topic. Can a T-34 win against a Tiger? Does the Stuart have a better gun than the Valentine? Visit here, and find out!

You will notice that there is some duplication among these links. This is done for ease of looking up face-offs by tank, as the same gun was mounted on a number of vehicles.

Small arms vs steel helmets

Aircraft vs. T-34
Aircraft vs KV-1

Infantry vs. T-26
Infantry vs. T-37
Infantry vs. Tiger
Infantry vs. Pz 38(t)
Infantry vs. PzI
Infantry vs. PzIV
Infantry vs. Renault R-35
RPG-40 vs Pz38(t)

20-K vs. PzII
20-K vs. PzIII: 12
20-K vs. PzIV
20-K vs. Pz 38(t)
20-K vs. StuG III
20-K vs Tiger: 123
20-K vs. T-34
20-K vs. Ferdinand
ZiS-4 vs. Tiger
ZiS-4 vs. Tiger II
F-32 vs Tiger
ZiS-5 vs IS
F-34 vs. T-34
D-5 vs. T-34
D-5 vs. KV-1
D-5 vs. Tiger
D-5 vs. Tiger II: 123
S-53 vs. M48 Patton
D-10 vs. Tiger II
D-10 vs. Panther: 1, 2
D-10 vs. M48 Patton
D-25 vs. IS-3
D-25 vs. IS-4
D-25 vs. Ferdinand
D-25 vs .Panther: 12345
D-25 vs. Tiger: 12,  34
D-25 vs. Tiger II: 12
D-25 vs. M48 Patton
ML-20 vs. Ferdinand
ML-20 vs. Panther
ML-20 vs. Tiger II / King Tiger

15 mm BESA vs Sd.Kfz.222
2-pdr vs. Pz 38(t)
2-pdr vs. Pz III (Soviet test)
2-pdr vs. PzIII (British test)
2-pdr vs. StuG
6-pdr vs. Tiger (Soviet test)
6-pdr vs. Tiger (British test)
6-pdr vs. Ferdinand
6-pdr vs. Panther
6-pdr vs. Tiger II
17-pdr vs. Panther (1, 2)
17-pdr vs. Tiger
17-pdr vs. Tiger II

75 mm M2 vs. StuG III
37 mm M5 vs. Pz 38(t)
37 mm M5 vs. StuG III
75 mm M3 vs. Tiger
75 mm M3 vs. Panther
75 mm M3 vs. Tiger II
76 mm M1 vs. Tiger II / King Tiger

2 cm KwK 38 vs. Renault R-35
30 mm MK-101 vs KV-1
A-7 vs. StuG III
SA 35 vs. StuG III
5 cm KwK 38 vs. KV-1
5 cm KwK 38 vs. StuG III
5 cm KwK 38 vs. Renault R-35
5 cm KwK 38 vs. T-34: 12
5 cm KwK 38 vs. T-34 (with extra armour)
5 cm KwK 38 vs. T-70
7.5 cm KwK 37 vs. T-34
7.5 cm KwK 40 vs. T-34
7.5 cm KwK 42 vs. Tiger II
7.5 cm KwK 42 vs. Ferdinand
7.5 cm KwK 42 vs. Panther
Flak 36 vs KV-1
8.8 cm KwK 36 vs IS-2
8.8 cm KwK 36 vs KV-1


  1. What about D5 gun on panther? Are there no tests on that?

    1. I'm sure there are, but I don't have them. If I ever get my hands on them, I'll publish them for sure.